4 Steps to Building Models for an Affiliate Media Buying Company (or any company for that matter) – 3 of 3

November 21, 2013

Welcome back. Glad to see your’e still with me.

Lets get started… (by the way the title of my posts were 3 steps originally, apparently I don’t know how to count.)

Step 4 – Write job descriptions for the roles on our financial model

That that we know what we’re going to focus on, you know what you need to get off your plate that low value

We’re going to write job descriptions… YAY! This sounds fun doesn’t it? NOT!

This isn’t the kind HR would make you write with all the legal crap in them. But rather just a list of duties that you’re going to put someone in charge of.

But it is important. Why you ask? Because we need to think about what you do on a daily basis. If you read through my last 3 part series you already have documented the jobs you do as an affiliate everyday. If you haven’t read it click here and go do it now because it’ll be imperative to you accomplishing this successfully.

Now get out your list of tasks that you do on regular basis and get your spread sheet out financial spreadsheet out from step 1 that has your roles on it.

Now our goal is to figure out a business model where you can off load 90% of the stuff that isn’t super high value.

Granted we’re not going to hire all these people all at once. But lets look at 12 months out. With moderate growth and realistic expectations. In the affiliate world we know offers come and go. Budgets come and go. Sources change policy. And on and on. So we obviously want to build a business model taking all that into consideration.

With our 1 year out projection on our spreadsheet lets start off-loading the tasks you do now on to the employees you’ve setup. The goal at the end of this is you have nothing on your plate accept the high value tasks.

Now you have not hired a SINGLE PERSON yet, most likely. But, how good does this make you feel? There’s a semi-clear vision in site and a path to head down.

You have just created a clear specific financial road map to get you to the end of that path.

Enjoy the journey!


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