Abstracting Psychological Principles Out of Offers that Work - And Reapplying.

May 30, 2009

I know it’s been an eternity since I’ve posted. But such is life. As usual a post I responded to in WF inspired this and a lot of it is a copy from there. But I thought it was definately worth reposting for all of my readers.


This thread on Wickedfire started out with with a guy talking about promoting email submit offers using pay per click and the polls strategy. If you don’ t know what the polls strategy is, it’s to build a simple poll and make people believe they’re voting for something and making their opion heard. Typicaly built on a high volume keyword like Brittney Spears. You might setup a poll that said “Is Brittney Spears a whore? Vote Now!” Which of course gets clicks,  takes them to the offer and they vote and hopefully fill in your email submit on the second page.

He Said that he’d tried everything with that had very small successes and some failures but nothing had done great. And was asking for new ideas.


There’s tons of ideas you can stick in front of an email submit that could help it convert better. People often just fall into traps of doing what everyone else does and that’s doing the same ol’ thing.

A good question to ask yourself from a psychological perspective is why do polls work better then direct linking the offer?

One of the reasons you could abstract out of that is you’re warming up the user to take action. There’s a rule as a sales person that says get lots of small commitments or small “yes’s” first. And the big yes is much easier.
Also typicaly polls are are aimed towards getting a response about something someone is passionate about. If you’re passionate about something, for example you think Brittney is a terrible parent that gets your emotions going doesn’t it? What typically motivates people it’s emotion right? So if you get them into an emotional state then they might be more receptive to to the next action you want them to take.

Another might be if you ask rhetorical questions then if you ask something and the obvious answer is yes like “Would you like to make an extra 200$ a month?” And they take some sort of action they’re starting the sales process in their heads, actually selling the product or service to themselves.
So with those abstracted ideas what’s some other verticals that take advantage of getting the user to take action then wanting to know what they answer is so they’re motivated to take the action to do so.

IQ offers?
Crush Offers?
Carrier Pages for ringtone offers

This is just a couple of the main stream ones that have taken off. But I’m sure if you sit back and think you’ll come up with some ideas that no one is doing yet.

You can even move away from polls if you want and move to some sort of action oriented response for some sort.

A bunch of the pages being released in diet, bizopp and resv are starting to ask little quiz warm up type questions. One for resv might be, if you could how many years would you like to lengthen your life?

At the end of the day there’s MILLIONS of good ideas out there. Sit back and think, ponder and listen and you’ll come up with some pretty cool stuff. No need to copy everyone else then you’re just always behind the curve.


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