Earn More $ with a Throughput Management System - 1 of 3

November 11, 2013

“Either you have money or you have time, but very rarely do you have both” Not sure who wrote this but I’ve heard it many times. And couldn’t be closer to the truth.

If you have lots of time and no money this post is probably not for you. I’d suggest investing more time into learning how to improve your skills and make more money.

This is for you if:

  1. Feel you've hit a plateau in your affiliate business this is definitely for you.
  2. Have money and feel you're out of time and just can't do anymore this is definitely for you.
  3. If have money and your work life balance is all work and no life. And you want more life this is for you.

Well if your’e still reading this must be for you.

Because of my insatiable appetite for learning, growth and building (it’s really what gives me happiness) I needed to figure out a way to scale things effectively.

I now run 4 companies have 2 kids and am happily married. And everything takes and deserves time.

This is the process I use in order to create efficiencies and get more throughput out of myself as well as my staff.

I’m going to break things into a simple 4 step process.

Step 1 – Build Our List of What We Do

The first thing we need to do is sit down and figure out what in the world we do all day. I know this sounds weird but. As affiliates most often we came up doing everything ourselves. And this is amazing and what makes most of the top affiliate marketers the top marketers in the world.

But it creates a problem when we want to scale ourselves. Why you ask? Because the typical path goes like this. You reach your max you can handle on your own but continue to see more opportunities out there and feel you’re losing money in opportunity cost. Then you say to yourself “maybe I should hire someone to run some more campaigns for me.” Then you start to think of all the reasons that’s a bad idea like they could just steal your profitable campaigns and go run them themselves. Yes this is always a risk but there’s ways to build a business greatly reducing this possibility.

You do more then you know.

If you’re the average affiliate marketer you:

  • manage servers - IT
  • build creatives - graphic design
  • write copy - copywriter
  • build and manage campaigns - analyst
  • identifying, contacting and negotiating pricing for direct buy placements - media buyer
  • maintain you books - finance
  • deal with legal compliance - legal
  • deal with taxes - finance
  • research placements, forums and blogs - analyst/researcher
  • and the list goes on

Then on top of this you have all your personal stuff like clean your house, take care of your kids, cook, shop, pay bills, and on and on.

Stop for a minute and think about that list above. It’s quite a bit of stuff and think of how long it took you to learn it all. How many hours you spent to acquire that knowledge and skill set. I’ve had many employees leave because they saw the $ that the affiliates were making 95% left, tried it and failed. Why? Because it takes all those skills to be a successful affiliate marketer.

Take this time to sit down and document all the things you do. And if it were a company, what department would handle it.

I’m going to stop here for now as this is getting to long to read and digest.

Because this post got so long I’m going to break it into chunks. I’ll post each piece over the next couple of days.


Want More? The more people listening the more I’ll write.
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