Free Getty Images - No Watermarks

March 7, 2014
hallelujah cat

Not sure if you saw this but it’s HUGE news.

Getty is the largest store of of online photography and is known for going around and suing people for using their images without the proper license.

Basically you can use a Getty image on your site as long as you give attribution back to Getty. They do this by giving you an iframe to embed in you blog posts or website. It has a footer on the image that says it’s from them.

BUT you have access to full size images at no cost now. Hopefully people don’t abuse this by just taking the image and screen shotting it, then posting it without the attribution.

You can read more here.

P.S. the image above didn’t come from Getty. I searched it on google, went to the site, saved it and then posted it here. Sorry Hallelujah Cat please don’t come get me😀


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