g700 offer breakdown & Product Squad - forum launch

March 15, 2016

Hope everyone is doing amazing. As always I’ve had 50 things going on and haven’t had much time to post I always feel like I need to spend a bunch of time and build strong posts for my blog. So this keeps me from doing it with any regularity.


I’ve always really enjoyed posting on forums over the years. My first forum I started with was part of the business opportunity I bought called Search Engine Cloaker. Then from there it went…

I still post in Stack That Money & Mad Society from time to time but honestly; talking about traffic and how to run traffic has got a bit boring for me. I've been a traffic buyer for over 10 years and it's usually the same thing just different sources and different channels which I'm sure you can imagine, gets a bit repetitive to talk about.

product squad click here to register

So I decided to put together a forum...

Which is a place I can talk with others about what I'm doing all day? That's..

Company build-out

  1. Operations
    1. System
    2. Process
    3. KPI (key performance indicators, measurements)
  2. Hiring
  3. Legal
  4. Human Resources

Product Development

  1. Lead
    1. Call floors and systems
    2. Lead routing and management
  2. Ecom, hard goods
    1. CRM’s
    2. Customer service
    3. Fulfillment
  3. SaaS platforms
    1. Tech dev
    2. Product dev

Marketing Funnels

  1. Quick tools to build
  2. Steps and process
  3. Testing strategies

So if you’re interested in building out your own products and are looking for a place to ask questions like…

  • How do I get started building a product
  • How do I choose a product to build
  • What’re my first steps
  • What’re the best tools to use for…
  • And the list goes on.

I really do enjoy interacting with marketers and posting great content. I’m just not sure the blog medium is the best answer for that. I can easily answer questions and make great posts on Product Squad as the expectation for me of myself is much lower for some reason. I can easily and quickly throw posts together and answer questions.

I also feel like a blog is a very 1 sided and grand standing way to teach, help, and interact. The blog will always be here but I’m going to be posting, and have been posting, most of my content I’m personally creating on Product Squad

Product Squad is currently free to register to. You can go see the topics of the forum but will need to register in order to read the content.

I need your HELP...

Forums take a lot of work to get off the ground and require a critical mass of the community. So this is where I need all of your help. I want to invite each of you to come and signup for an account with Product Squad and then start interacting. Ask questions, make posts, etc. If you want to start building a product, are starting a product, or have started a product come join us. Some good posts or questions to start with are…

  1. What product should I build based on my background?
  2. Case study on your failed product build-out
  3. Any questions for where you're stuck
  4. ....

Invite your friends and let's build an amazing community together.

g700 Funnel break down post

I love reverse engineering what other people are doing to get good ideas for things I’m doing. As I mentioned above I’m doing a lot of funnel building and we wanted to test the g700 flow so we went through their flow and took screenshots of each step.

I posted that up here on Product Squad.

Want me to write more often?
My biggest motivator is people reading and interacting with the content I create. So I thank all of you for all your comments and appreciate the feedback. If you like this content please share


Want More? The more people listening the more I’ll write.
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