Have Employees? Are you getting the most out of them?

November 15, 2013

3:30 am on a Saturday morning. I've been traveling around the world and my timezones are all messed up. So I woke up after going to bed at 10pm and started looking at Facebook to catch up with where friends and family are at. When I came across this image.

roles image

And granted it doesn’t necessarily have to do with employees but it is very pertinent.

The job of a good leader is to put the right people in the right seats and to optimize their time and value.

Many times I’ve made bad hiring decisions. Not necessarily bad hiring decisions in the sense of hiring bad people. But rather bad decisions in hiring the right people and putting them in the wrong seat.

They feel like they’re good but aren’t performing to their abilities which makes them feel unhappy, uncomfortable and overall bad about the work experience. It also makes leadership feel like they’re underperforming and disappointed.

Are you putting the right people in the right seats?

Do you know what the seats are? Are they well defined?

Are you hiring people into roles that are over their heads setting them up to fail?

I’ll post more on my views on hiring staff, keeping them happy and keeping them motivated after we do our next set of 3 posts. Then you’ll be ready to start to hire people.


Want More? The more people listening the more I’ll write.
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