How to Use Pre-Poppable Affiliate Offers

May 24, 2008

Originally I posted this over at but thought I’d repost it on here for my readers.

Someone asked what is a pre-pop offer and how do I use it?

First of a pre-pop offer means that they allow you to populate the data in the offer with a GET uri. So for example if your form had fields “fname”, “lname”, “phone” your url to pre-pop it might look like this:

So what this would do is take the user to the landing page with their first name, last name and phone number already filled in so all they have to do is hit submit and makes your conversions go way up. Not all offers support this however a lot do so just ask your affiliate manager what pre-pops they offer.

Pre-Pop is awesome especially if you have a white label or private lable offer you’re promoting. Bascialy once they fill out the first offer, we’ll use a mortgage lead as an example, you forward them to a second page or throw them a pop-up already pre-populated with the data that they filled out from the first mortgage lead offer so all they have to do is hit submit.

Some examples of numbers, when we used to run a lot of mortgage ( sucks now for mortgage ) we’d pre-pop a home owners insurance lead form. 15% would hit submit and we’d get a second 8$ pop for the same lead. Then we’d pre-pop a new window install lead offer and on and on.

1000 leads * 15% = 150 leads additional * 8 = $1200 extra for the same traffic

Good stuff. The other thing pre-pop’s are great for is if you are a mailer and have data then you can make the links that they click on have their info in them already so that when they click and go to the landing page it’s already pre-populated with their info.

So your link in the email might look like this…one=theirphone

Now you’re conversion is going to go up quite a bit if their form is already filled out with their info. Also if you don’t want to use that big link in a mail or the affiliate url ( always a good idea ) you can send them to your domains and keep a database of records. So for example you use a link like this

Where 38357 corresponds to a record id in the database. You pull their record and then forward them to the offer with their pre-pop info.
Simple code to do this would be

// connect to your db
// pull the id from the uri
$id = htmlentities(trim($_GET['id']));
// build your sql for pulling the record from the database
$sql = "SELECT * FROM records WHERE id = '$id'";
// get the result from the database for the id
$sql_result = mysql_query($sql);
// put that result into an array
$row = mysql_fetch_row($sql_result);
// here we're redirecting the user to the landing page with the pre-pop uri, this is
// assuming that first name is the second field, last name the 3rd field and phone number
// the 4th field.
echo "<meta http-equiv=\"refresh\" content=\"0;url={$row[1]}&lname={$row[2]}&phone={$row[3]}\"/>";

Hope that helps and explains some stuff.


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