I'm the Opening Keynote for Affiliate Summit West 2018

October 12, 2017

Can you believe it? Shawn Collins and Missy Ward have asked me to keynote Affiliate Summit West (ASW) 2018 in Las Vegas. What an honor I really appreciate the opportunity they've given me.

ASW was the first affiliate industry trade show I ever attended and totally changed my frame of reference of what's possible in the online advertising and marketing world.

As a lot of you, who already know my story, already know I started in this business buying a $35 ebook that said "I could make money on the internet." This lead me to working from home alone in my PJ's for 2-3 years. I had never met anyone in this industry in person up until this point.

Then I heard about ASW, I think this was around 2007, that was happening in Las Vegas. I decided to make the trek from San Diego to Las Vegas and boy am I glad I did. ASW totally changed my life and my perception of what was possible.

There was a lot of companies with booths and tons of people in this business that I still wasn't sure anyone knew about. When I saw and talked with all these people that were doing what I was doing I decided at that point I was going to grow something big and do online marketing for the rest of my life.

Now here we are roughly 10 years later and I'm going to be doing the opening keynote for the very conference that changed the course of my life and my perception of the industry I've been in the last 13 years. AMAZING!!!

Couple of things I'll be talking about are:

  • Where the performance industry is
  • Where I think the performance industry is headed
  • Where I think the opportunities are in the next 5-10 years
  • How to set yourself up to capitalize on them

Again I can't tell you how honored I am and I really hope to see all of you there.Success,JasonP.S. my bio for my Keynote - http://affiliatesummit.com/speakers/jason-akatiff/


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