Making Big Easy Money with Google Local Search

November 27, 2007

As most of you know I’m quite heavily involved with the Payday Loans niche. So I’m constantly scavenging anything I can for information and ideas. Right tip top on that list is searching for things in google and seeing what new pop’s up. And that’s exactly where this idea came from.

Yesterday I was looking at buying a few thousand payday domains for local stuff and was doing some searching in Google to try and find out what would be the best play when I came along a guy that was VERY effectively spamming local for payday loans. He’s in position 1 for all the good payday loan terms + the major city name.
If you don’t know what a local listing looks like it’s the listings in the the search results next to the the map at the top of the page when you include a city or city, state in your search. For example here’s a search for cash advance atlanta, ga. Do you see how the map shows up with the listings? Cool huh, couldn’t pick a much better location for natural serp results then that.

So I’m sure you’re asking yourself how to I get in the google local? Well it’s frairly simple from a web prospective all you do to sign up for google local is setup a google account then click here to sign up for google local.

Now comes the tricky part, Google is going to send you a post card and you have to figure out some way to get that back to them. Now if you live in a major city you can just use your personal address and maybe a business address. But what if you wanted to do it on a large scale? You’d need to find some sort of service that would allow you to use them as a mailbox and then would forward you their mail from there…

So lets return to that Cash Advance Atlanta, GA result. Now if you didn’t see it the first time the position one spot is a spam site. (cut and paste the as the guy is redirecting traffic from here), you see it now? 😀 So it has an address associated with it, if we do a little search on what that address is low and behold it’s a mailboxes etc/ups store as you can see from a search for the address.

Now that we know this I called and found out how much a box was at this Atlanta store with forwarding. What they told me was it’s $69 for 3 months which is their minimum subscription time. Then 5$ for each batch forwarding plus postage. Since we only need to get one postcard it’d probably cost you 69 + 5 = $74 to set this up. And you have a unique address in a flash 😀 To make things easier all the UPS Stores use the same sheet for sign up so you can just get a list of a bunch of stores then fax the same sheet to all of them. Waah laah we have local businesses in all the major cities. For a quick text list of the top 50 major cities by population in the U.S. Then just go to and get a list of stores you want to use in each city. There’s lots!

Also you’ll notice that domain the fellow is using is keyword rich

If has the city name and both the top keywords for the payday niche.

  • payday loans
  • cash advance

If you wanted to compete in the payday niche I’d suggest something like or Then just take and point the domains to the same location using Virtual Hosts in apache. Reference my domainer timed redirect post if you want to know how to do that. Or easier just tell your hosting provider you want to point all your domains to the same place. Then they can make a catch-all and any domain you point to the server that doesn’t have a listing in the config file will go to your page. To make things a little more targeted you might want to write a little script on the page that parses the domain name then uses the city name with a on the fly find and replace. So you’d grab the domain and parse the name, then in your template would put <? echo $c; ?> rather then hard coding the city. So your template would look like this.

// loads all the cities for a file into your array
$cities = file(“cities.txt”);
//gets the domain that is being called
$domain = $_SERVER[‘SERVER_NAME’];

// runs through each city in the city list to see if it matches the one in the domain
//if it matches then it assigns that to the $c variable which is what we’ll use in
// our text output.
foreach($cities as $city)
$c = $city;
<title>This is my page title for city <? echo $c; ?></title>
<H1>Header for City <? echo $c; ?></H1>
<p>Text for city <? echo $c; ?></p>

Now we have a dynamic created page based on the city being passed. We’re getting a list of all the cities we’re using. We know that the city name is in the domain so we check which city we’re using. Then we assign that to a dynamic variable we echo out in our on page copy. Pretty easy huh. Couldn’t make a post with no coding in it so I went back and added this later 😀

Another thing I noticed is his domains are listed in a few of the other local searches like Superpages and I’d suggest submitting it to as many local places as possible as that’s going to give the site even more exposure. However I’m not sure this is necessary as most of these scrape google anyways.

“That’s great smaxor but how do I make money now that I have the listing?” Well the easiest is to use something like he is which is a affiliate company that allows you to private label their offers. He’s using, which you can tell by the secure rights tag on page 2 of the site once you click the button. Another company that allows you to integrate their stuff into your own pages is LeadPile (affiliate link, thanks if you use it ) both companies are good however LeadPile takes everyone and Leadpoint can be picky and not take advertisers.

And that’s it! So how much is potential with something like this? Well a payday lead on average sells for 20-30$. And I know that with position 1 in Google for the keyword “payday loans” it’s worth at least 150 minimum leads a day. Now this is more targeted and could get a better click through and conversion I would assume as people think they’re local near them. So only 4 leads a day from each local listing would pay for the whole setup. I’m sure you’d get a lot more then 4 leads a day in cities like Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Chicago. Yup there’s a truckload of cash to be made with this if you put in the time. There’s a lot of niches this will work with I just happened to find it with payday.

And lastly lets take a look at how this guy is doing with his rankings

Atlanta, GA
payday loans
cash advance

San Francisco, CA
payday loans
cash advance – only listing

Chicago, IL
cash advance

New York
cash advance
payday loans

And the list goes on, I’m not going to list all of them but you get the point 😀

Now get out there and make some coin.

P.S. You’re probably going to ask why did I reveal this and I’m not doing it myself? To many projects I wish I had time because this seems like a real money maker. Good Luck!!!


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