Marketing Math - The Core of it All

April 11, 2013

I’ve been helping people learn this business for YEARS now. Probably helped well over 300-500 people learn how to buy media via search and content PPC, social ads, ppv, etc. And what I learned recently is that people don’t really understand the underlying media math and the levers there are to pull when they run into a problem.

Most people think of marketing like this:


But it’s not really that complicated at all. It can be if you make it but always start at the beginning. As long as you keep it simple to start and build on top of it. then it’ll be easy to grow with.

I made a work sheet that does just this for my internal staff at A4D so that they could understand the basics of how to understand what lever to pull to make things work when they’re losing money.

Over the next week or so I”m going to take that worksheet and put it on here. I’ve done something similar in the past but I think this version is much more clear and will help you in your marketing math equations.

Stay tuned!


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