Ngo’s 10 Step Blueprint For a Profitable Campaign

December 6, 2013

Great systems start with frameworks

As most of you know by now I love systems and processes. Systems and processes allow you to compartmentalize. By compartmentalizing it allows you to optimize.

One thing I try and do on my blog is give you base level systems in order for you to take them, modify them for how you do business and grow them from there.

Charles Ngo, long time industry friend of mine, had a great great post on a 10 step process to setting up a new campaign as a media buyer. I think you can take this basic model and start to expand on it.

Here’s a link to Charles’s post. Click here

This is a great model to start with. As you read through it start to ask yourself a few questions at each step and do deep dives.

Here’s some suggestions for each section starting with section 1:

  1. What is my process for deciding what to promote? Based on past experiences with the source or vertical can I make some projections?
  2. What steps do I take to research an offer? How do I decide I'm certain enough to move forward?
  3. What's your plan look like? Do you set time lines? Do you have deliverables?
  4. What is my detailed step by step for researching? Stop and imagine you could give this to anyone and they could do it. What am I looking for? Why am I looking for that? How much of it do I need?
  5. If I was to flow chart out my process here what would it look like?
  6. What other QA processes to other large companies use in order to make sure there's no holes in the system? How do I put those into a step by step for someone to follow and optimize?
  7. How much data do I need to make these decisions? How do I determine winners?
  8. Charles has some good questions on this step. Can you think of more?
  9. What is my list of sources I could scale this to?
  10. How I build a system that is constantly testing and optimizing new creatives? What % of traffic should I be sending to outliers? How many creatives should I be testing a week?

Does this give you some ideas? Systems and processes are powerful, allow you to optimize your strategies and allow you to expand past just yourself.

Ask better questions, get better answers.

Thanks Charles for 10 part list, Good Stuff!


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