Practice Copywriting With Real World Data For FREE

July 18, 2011

I posted this on a few forums but thought I’d put it up here as well.

This is especially pertinent if you’re newer to copy writing, marketing or advertising. You can learn how to write for free. We always here test, test, test. Well as we both know that costs money.

With this cool tip you can test, test, test which means learn, learn, learn… For FREE!

I was searching on Google for Direct Marketing Copy writing companies because I don’t don’t have time to do it anymore and we could really use more people in the office. Which I’m hiring slowly.

When I stumbled upon a 99 designs style copy writing service.

If you’re not famiiar with this it goes like this.

Someone wants something done so they put up a contest with a prize.

Do X and whoever is selected the best will get prize Y.

The site I found was

So much like trading stocks but not investing money while you improve your skills you can do the same with copy writing. Just sign up as a writer at this site, then start writing copy for contests. I didn’t try it but it seems you get the data on your ad that you write and the data on the other ads that were written as well so you can see who won the contest.

Normally you’d need to spend a lot of money buying traffic to get real world data on how good your copy writing is. But with this service you can hone you cashvertising skills on someone elses dime if you’ve got no loot to do it yourself. 🙂


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