Step by Step of how we keep FACEBOOK accounts alive for years.

March 16, 2016

As most of know. One of the most difficult things to deal with in online advertising is dealing with ads on the major traffic sources.
What I mean by this is they all have pages and pages of obscure compliance rules. Then you think you read them, or maybe you don’t, and follow them but BAM your account gets suspended.

The old Facebook

With Facebook specifically; as of 3 years ago you really only had 1 option when your account went to into suspension and that was figure out how to make a new account. Because the Facebook gestapo was to good to answer anyone back. They would always just respond with a message that said “sorry and piss off”. [Well something like that 🙂 ]

Because of this I didn’t advertise on Facebook for 3 years.

The only people I knew that were still advertising on Facebook were people that had account generation farms. And those people typically ran super high return aggressive stuff like diet scams and mobile cramming. Facebook had, I think unintentionally, chased out all the whitehat direct response affiliates and marketers.

Thank goodness that era is over.

You can read the rest on Product Squad – How we keep our Facebook accounts live for years.

P.S. Because I don’t want the content of the forum to be spidered and show up in the search engines I’ve set it to viewable only by registered people. You can register for free for now. So join us today…

P.P.S. Last post in a while for Product Squad promotion. I have 2 more I’m putting out later this week on how I track auto responder series using Gmail.  So stay tuned.


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