Understanding How Email Submits Work

November 28, 2009

Was reading a post on a forum the other day and someone was asking about where email submits convert. Figured I’d share the honest answer.

Every affiliate offer there is has a backend to it that is designed to take the money they payout to affiliates and then make a profit on that media spend. So if we use a email submit as an example the answer is yes you do technically get paid after the email submit is done.

However in reality most of the companies do shady stuff and make your pixel not fire X% of the time to make your traffic profitable to them. All this is built into their backends.

So with the email submit example again you have a few stages

1. email submit

2. data submit

3. coreg path

4. offer wall

the email submit is worth about 10-20 cents to the advertiser. Data is worth another 10-30 cents. Coreg is a way to find out what your interested in then sell your data to those people for a higher price. Think mortgage leads or insurance leads. Might sell for 1-2$. Then last is the offer wall this is a bunch of affiliate CPA offers that the user is incentivized to fill out to get the free gift.

With that said each user you send it worth X on avg. so they make your pixel fire Y number of times. To make it worth while for the to buy your traffic.

I know it’s ugly but it’s a reality just trying to shed the light. Not saying this is OK, just saying it is how it is.



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