Vision, Direction and Focus - A4D Meetup Deck

April 5, 2013

Reading through my Deck for the A4D meetup I realized I could write a whole post on each bullet point. So go through this very slowly and think about each bullet point at length and how it applies to your business. It could change you life...

A4D Meetup - You're Thinking Too Small from Jason Akatiff

  • 1. You’re Thinking Too SmallWE ALL HAVE THE SAME 36 HOURS IN A DAY. ( I WISH )
  • 3. Where most of us started ( If I could only make $100 a day. Then I could do this full time forever. ) Goal being money vs. wanting to build something.
  • 4. How Limited Vision is Holding Us Back Fear is not holding you back. Lack of vision to see what’s possible is. You don’t know what you don’t know. Moving away vs. Moving towards ( Man I want to get out of this niche or these kinds of offers )
  • 5. Limiting Beliefs We as humans run programs. Our programs can be from when were kids and may not be serving us. Our programs come from past experiences to simplify how we deal with the world. Just because it’s our current program doesn’t mean it’s the most efficient and effective.
  • 6. Cash Flow vs. Cash Flow + Equity If I could just make $100 a day is why you’re most likely only concerned with Cash Flow. What if you could build that same Cash Flow business but it was worth millions at the end. Why wouldn’t you be doing that right now? Do you have limiting beliefs here?
  • 7. What’s it costing us? We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Opportunity cost. Frustration cost and feeling like you’re stuck. Not building towards something greater with a big goal at the end of the road.
  • 8. Golden Hamster Wheel
  • 10. Why a Media Buying Business First? You already know how to do it. Don’t throw away knowledge and have the grass is always greener syndrome. Always build cash flow businesses that either continue to generate cash flow or are sold.
  • 11. What is a Business? Assets, Systems and Processes Stability through diversification People Something that continues to grow and make money without you involved. ( Do you own a business or a job? )
  • 13. Think Massive and Set a HUGE Goal Refactoring sucks. Set the goal as big as you can think times 10. ( But Jason I can never reach that…. Ugh oh here come the limiting beliefs ) When you set small goals you sometimes become lost after you reach them. Set the massive goal and break it into the smaller bite goals. This way you don’t have to rethink or refactor as much. Doesn’t mean you have to build it all at once you just have to think about it.
  • 14. Which One is Your History?654 Series 13 Series 22 Series 310 Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4
  • 15. Write Down All the Reasons It Won’t Work Counter intuitive I know. But you have to start here.  Affiliate marketing is to unstable.  I don’t have enough money.  I could never build something like that.  Those kind of people wouldn’t work for me.  I’ll be screwed if my campaign goes down. Tackle each of the and write down a bunch of strategies to overcome each.  How could I make affiliate marketing more stable?  How could I cash flow this? If you don’t have the answers ask someone who might.
  • 16. What’s Your Big Plan!I want to run a sellable, sustainable, mediabuying business that makes 20 million a year.
  • 17. Who Would You Sell To? Even if you’re not planning on selling. Have acquisition targets of who you’d sell to and why. This helps you feel like you’re moving towards something greater. There’s an end if you weren’t going to sell it but build it and get burnt out.
  • 18. Build a Redundant Scalable Plan Reverse engineer from the end to the beginning. This is how we build our plan to start. ( this isn’t an art and it isn’t set in stone so just get started to get something down ) Start with large mile markers, no specifics.  Build out a Facebook Ads team  Build out a Google Adwords team  Build out a Display and or RTB team Don’t worry we’re only going to tackle 1 at a time.
  • 19. Build a Redundant Scalable Plan Take your first mile marker and start chunking it down. Define more specifically what what that mile marker means.  What size of team do you need to reach your MASSVIE Goal?
  • 20. What Following This Has Created WE’RE ALMOST DONE SO WE CAN ALL GO DRINKING!
  • 21. Tonight’s Festivities A4D and Coast Law Sponsoring a open bar party on the Hard Rock roof top. Party starts at 8pm. Thank you for coming and we’ll see you tonight.


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