Want my Affiliate World Europe 2017 Slides and Worksheets?

June 20, 2017

Wow what an amazing show. I wanted to thank all of you that came to see me speak. I've had tons of people contact me and give me many praises. I wanted to let you know I really do appreciate hearing from all of you.

Slide decks from Affiliate World & Facebook Mastery

Many of you have asked for the slide deck I used in my presentations.

So I've setup a new Facebook messenger bot that when you sign up for it, it will auto-respond with links for:

  • Slides from Affiliate World Europe talk
  • Slides from Facebook Mastery Live talk
  • Our campaign planning sheet

Click here to signup for my new Messenger Bot!

Media Buy Prices Ledger

For those of you that attended the talks I also mentioned we have an internal ledger we keep updated 2 times monthly for what we're seeing for click prices & CPM's for Facebook. If you want to get access to this please contact your affiliate manager at A4D.com


Want More? The more people listening the more I’ll write.
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