Why Do Certain Verticals Work So Well? And How to Take Those Ideas To the Next Big Niche.

June 7, 2009

What makes the first person blog testimonial lander so powerful?

Why do review sites convert well?

Do we need another Acai Berry or Colon offer? How do those offers convert so well?

I was on affbuzz today and saw Nickycakes post about landing page theft. So that inspired me to sharpen up my keyboard and lay down some knowledge.

Why do people steal landing pages, campaigns, creatives, ideas…..?

When I ponder this the answer seems simple. They either don’t know how to come up with their own creative ideas. So they use copying others as a crutch. Or the other reason I can come up with is they’re just to lazy. If you plan on being in this business long term those things need to change. If we all just copied each other it would be an infinite loop of us all doing the exact same thing forever. There needs to be some innovators and there’s a HUGE reward for being one of them. If you’re first to market with a concept or idea and it works you’ll make 20 times, in a few days, what others will make in months.

Now I can’t help someone “become unlazy” because I’m not motivational speaker, you’ll have to go to Tony Robbins for that. But I can give you some insight into how to come up with your own creative ideas, of how to promote something in a new way or move into a new vertical.

Some disection on what’s currently big and working in the affiliate world

There’s a few things we could break down the affiliate world but to keep things simple for this post I’m just going to break stuff into Verticals ( offers ) and presell pages ( landing pages ).

I know there’s a TON of verticals out there that are doing well and in an effort to not give aways anyones secret niche I’m going to stay with the big boys that everyone already knows about and sees everywhere. So lets focus on these verticals and find the lowest common denominators in all of them. Because if we can extract out the thing they all have in common we can parlay that to new vericals and new ideas.


  • Weight Loss
  • Business Opportunity
  • Sleep
  • Anti-aging
  • Grants

Would you all agree these are the big boys of the affiliate world right now? Good then we’re agree’d.

What’s the one thing these verticals have in common? I know you’ve probably never looked at it this way before, but yes as I see it they all have something very in common.

People That Want These Things are in PAIN!

Read that last line 5 more times. There’s a lot of things that motivate people but when it comes to the most rudimentary or the most basic there’s are really two motivating factors:

  1. Pain
  2. Pleasure

We as humans are always either moving towards Pleasure or away from Pain. Would you agree with that? Now I know all the other subsets of motivation as well like keeping up with the jones, wanting love, etc. But these are even more basic then that and we’ll save the more detailed stuff to touch on in your copy for another day.

Out of these two motivators what is more motivating? Moving towards pleasure? Or moving away from pain?

Yep you guessed it PAIN motivation is much, much stronger. What’s more motivating wanting that new plasma tv ( moving towards pleasure ) or getting out of a burning house ( away from pain )?

Think about going to the Dr. and the Dr. says well you have some skin cancer and it’s going to cost $10,000 to treat. If you don’t treat it the cancer could spread to other organs and you could die. How motivating is that?

I know that’s hard to think about but it’s the facts. Pain motivates. And it motivates quickly. We in the online space have a couple of seconds to move someone to take some sort of action so I usually target the pain principles to get people motivated.

Now lets go back to our veritcals we’re focusing on.

  1. Weight Loss. Are people that are fat in mental and physical pain? Yes.
  2. Are people that need money in pain? Yes.
  3. Are people that can't sleep in pain? Yes.
  4. Is remembering how good you used to look when you were younger painful? Yes.
  5. etc. etc.

Do you see our commonality here? I’m sure you do by now.

Now that you have that knowledge lets see if if you can think of some other verticals might work through stoking that pain and leading people to a remedy? What other people are in pain? Or may be in pain and may not even know it?

  • Identity theft?
  • Theft?
  • Fire?
  • Muggers?
  • People that owe more then their hosue is worth?

This is just a few fears that come to mind and guess what there is stuff to sell them. Sure their is offers out there and these are promoted but they’re being under utilized and not getting to be huge verticals in paid traffic like the before mentioned ones have.

My Invitation to you

After you read this post take some action!

Sit down with a pen and paper and write out a list of things that cause people pain. I know this isn’t a fun light hearted exercise but it’s going to allow you to allow you to see what people are going to be the most motivated. Use the old brain storming trick:

  1. pull out your paper and pencil
  2. set a stop watch for 5 minutes.
  3. start to write down things that cause people pain
  4. don't stop writing, if you're out of ideas just keep writing you last idea over and over for the 5 minutes as more will come to you.

If you made it through that exercise you should have a long list of pains people have that should serve your forever as long as you’re in this business. I encourage you to take these and make a memo pad on your phone of peoples pains. Because guess what? Now that you’re aware of this these pains are going to start presenting themselves to you on a daily basis. And when you get another pain just add it to your list.

Since we have a nice long list of pains now take a couple of those and see if offers exist for them and how you could market them using your current strategies that you may not have thought of.

Wow what if you found a pain their is no offer for currently? This could be your hot ticket to create your own unique offer that lots of affilaites would be excited to promote.  The sky’s the limit.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and feel free to add any fears you come up with in the comments.


P.S. Join Ads4Dough my affiliate network if you haven’t already. We constantly discuss this stuff in the office all day so they have a strong understanding of psychology and motivation and can help you make your presell pages and creatives better with it.


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